Embracing High Sensitivity

A New Book by Anna Holden


Do you ever feel overwhelmed in regular situations where other people don't?

Do you find navigating public spaces to be a real challenge, even making you feel physically unwell?

Do you struggle with negative or difficult emotions because you feel them so deeply.

And--let me guess--you also absorb other people's emotions and aren't sure what to do with that?

I totally get it, because I was there once, too.


What if I told you I had the perfect solution for that?

Introducing my new book:

Embracing High Sensitivity


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Book Cover: Embracing High Sensitivity

Get your hands on it. In ebook AND paperback!

What's Inside

Ready to feel like you can take on your life with ease and confidence because of your sensitivity, rather than in spite of it?

That's what's in this book.

If there's one thing I understand more than any other, it's high sensitivity. Not only have I spent a lifetime being highly sensitive, I've also spent the last eight years helping highly sensitive people turn their gift of high sensitivity into their greatest superpower.

This book combines all my years of teaching, coaching and research into one accessible resource.

Take a peek inside . . .


Part 1

In the first chapters of the book, I lay out a new context for understanding sensitivity and my theory for why highly sensitive people are an incredibly important part of the human ecosystem. More importantly, I lay out the fundamental challenges highly sensitive people experience, point to why these challenges exist (hint - you're not the problem, the culture is the problem), and how we can overcome these challenges.

Next, I cover the science of the highly sensitive nervous system and how that informs our experience of the world. When we understand how our bodies work, we're more empowered to work with them rather than against them. I also take you through the ancient mysticism of the subtle body, and clearly lay out why working with the subtle body is so important for highly sensitive people.

Finally, I point out (both scientifically and mystically) you operate differently than non-highly sensitive people and offer a trail-map for navigating life the way your sensitive body was designed for.

Part 2

The second half of the book is dedicated to arming you with the solutions you need to live life your way. These chapters contain twenty practices for you to try, along with an easy way for you to track your regular practices without becoming overwhelmed or over burdened. This is NOT a one-size-fits-all program, which is why there are so many practices. You get to choose what resonates with you, and have a tool for any challenge that presents itself.

You'll become boss at difficult emotions, learn simple tools for regulating your nervous system, develop discernment between what's yours and what's not, and finish off with a plan you can use and adjust throughout your life time.


Ready to read?

+19  Self Care Practices

The practices inside my book are simple, practical and designed to mix-and-match depending on what's happening in your life. Unlike other advice that makes you set aside hours in your day, my practices are designed to work within your day and take little time or resources to access.

Speaking of access, you receive links to audio guidance for a majority of the meditation practices!

Here's a sample of the practices you'll see:

Practice #1

Sensation Awareness Meditation

This meditation is seminal to simultaneously working with the nervous system, personal awareness, emotions, emotional triggers and your energy body. When mastered, it provides grounding, centering, protection, clear perception and presencing.

Practice #7

Transforming Difficult Emotions

The process I'll be explaining requires you to stay present while you deal with painful emotions. This can be difficult for us at first because emotions can feel deeply painful. You can do this, and I've found that when you do, the transformation feels incredible. The act of staying present might feel scary because it's so vulnerable, but your emotions will not harm you. In fact, by being present, they will heal you.

Practice #9

Setting Boundaries

This practice helps you get clear on what your values, beliefs, negotiables and non-negotiables are, so that you can set clear boundaries. Remember, boundaries aren’t so much a practice to keep others out, but really to help keep you in - meaning, protecting your energy and capacity.

Get it now.


This little book contains huge value.

My approach is unique and comprehensive.

You won't find another book on the market that combines science, subtle body expertise and emotional transformation geared toward highly sensitive people.

Other resources don't provide solutions for all of the major challenges faced by highly sensitive people.

You can spend more time or money trying various courses and several books that get you part of the way there, OR you can get everything you need from this one resource.

Links to audio meditations are like having a teacher in your pocket.

I get it--being sensitive is challenging. My practices are designed for you to take anywhere, and I provide you with links to meditations in case you need the extra help of professional guidance.

This book feels like giving all my secrets away.

Rest assured, I want you to have them. That's why I didn't hold back. Many of these practices are found in expensive courses, workshops and programs. Here, they're gathered together for you in one convenient location, saving you both time and money.

What are you waiting for?


Are you ready to change your life?


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Embracing High Sensitivity

Your HSP Guidebook to Eliminating Overwhelm, Handling Difficult Emotions, and Becoming the Boss of Your Life

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