Big Laugh – Big Dreams

I have a big laugh.

I’m that person in the cafe who turns heads because I simply can’t laugh small. Or sneeze small, for that matter. I’m okay with that.

I often write about really deep spiritual concepts on here, and I like that content. I imagine that’s why you’re here. I think about and practice a lot of spiritual concepts and I love researching, writing and discovering that information. I have a new goal of really making my work reflect more of me. I value transparency and vulnerability. The good and the bad, the light and the dark, the serious and the hilarious. To this end, I will be sharing the less serious and the other parts of me — the big laugh, the sly sarcasm, the coffee cravings, the person who says randomly “I need more Eminem in my life,” the evening living room dance parties, the dyslexia, the control freak, the lazy, the one who once used “beer in the bathtub” as a therapeutic tool, the environmental activist and the person who laughs at fainting goat videos while simultaneously feeling bad for the goat and eating goats-milk gelato.

Which is what I did last night. It was my one year anniversary with my boyfriend, and we enjoyed a fantastic dinner at a small restaurant called Eva in the Tangletown neighborhood of Seattle. They didn’t do wine by the glass, so we split a bottle over lamb leg and delicately roasted organic sweet potatoes and beets, carrot soup, and rustic bread. We stared each other deeply in the eyes and talked about how wonderful our year was. We shared our visions of the future. We let ourselves be in love and share our connection.

Then we decided to top off the evening with dessert and stopped for gelato at the Fainting Goat in Wallingford. There’s something I like about being dressed up in a non-dressy place. It’s about making the mundane special.

Everything about me feels big right now — my laugh, my dreams and aspirations, my vulnerability, my nail beds, my appetite and my desire to connect. To connect to the inner part of me that is also you, that part that we share that make us one. To that end, I’ll be sharing more of me as a footbed for connection.

Sparkly dress, big earrings, one too many rings, watching YouTube how-to’s on updos, endlessly researching the mind and how we relate, everyday meditations, living in a world of feeling-emotion-vibration, relating, laughing, holding space, impatience, five books going at once, morning routine, oils over perfumes, flour-less pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. . . .

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